My book (!), BEST DOG HIKES COLORADO, out this month!

Bix insisted we do a photoshoot in the backyard. Bodhi was not thrilled.

File this under “Things I always hoped I’d get to say one day”: My first book hits shelves this month!

Best Dog Hikes Colorado, published by Falcon Guides, is now available for purchase. Look at that handsome pooch on the cover––swoon! If you want a copy, I’ve put some links at the end of this post.

Turns out, people have lots of questions about writing a book. (I did, too.) I am answering a few of the most common questions I’ve gotten below.

How did you end up writing this book?
A mutual friend introduced me to an acquiring editor at Falcon. (Thanks, Elizabeth!) They were looking for someone to do a second edition of Best Dog Hikes Colorado. As a lifelong Coloradan and dog-obsessed hiker, I fit the bill, so I signed a contract and got going.

How long did this take?
I worked on the book for about six months. That’s an unusually short timeline for a book, but it helped that I was making changes to the first edition rather than working from scratch.

Are you going to be rich and famous now?
The short answer is definitely not. I got a small advance to cover some of my time while writing the book, and now I will make royalties, i.e. a small percentage of each copy sold. In other words, now that the work is done, I have to hope people will buy it and like it and recommend it to make any money off the project. Good thing I didn’t get into writing to make the big bucks.

Will Bodhi sign my copy?
Of course he will. Come visit us and Bodhi will take you for his favorite Idaho hike and smudge his little pawprint onto your copy.

Will you do another book?
This is kind of like asking someone if they’ll do another marathon. In other words: Probably! Ask me again when I’ve forgotten how much work this was.

Want a copy? You can purchase directly through the publisher or on Amazon. Oh, and if you’re ordering on Amazon, a positive review will go a long way… 🙂 



One thought on “My book (!), BEST DOG HIKES COLORADO, out this month!

  1. Congratulations Emma! Hopefully we’ll get down to Colorado to see you and go on a hike sometime soon!

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