Turkey terror

Generally speaking, I don’t much care for birds. I can tolerate little finches and sparrows; anything bigger than that makes me nervous. (Hummingbirds, too—they move so fast and have no sense of personal boundaries.) I’m especially nervous around fowl, including chickens and geese, but most of all, I am terrified of turkeys. Continue reading “Turkey terror”


Five years of My Alaskan Odyssey

This fall, My Alaskan Odyssey turned five years old. In the last half-decade, I’ve moved to and from Alaska (twice), finished a master’s degree, gotten married, celebrated some victories and mourned a few losses. This blog started as a way to keep friends and family up-to-date when I moved to Alaska for grad school in 2012. I posted sporadically for a few years, and then, when I got serious about writing, I started posting something every week. Since its inception, My Alaskan Odyssey has been a place to post silly lists and longer musings and, occasionally, share good (and bad) news. I still can’t believe anyone other than my mom reads it. Continue reading “Five years of My Alaskan Odyssey”

List: These horror movies will keep you up at night

I love scary movies. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to things like climbing and skiing: I get a rush from those edge-of-your-seat moments, that split second after you’ve passed the point of no return and before you know what the outcome will be. It’s why I eagerly await the Dirtbag Diaries’ annual “Tales of Terror” episode, why I can’t resist true crime documentaries and podcasts, why I insist we watch Scream every Halloween even though poor Bix spends most of those 90 minutes under a blanket, covering his ears.

The fun doesn’t end after October 31. These movie ideas have me losing sleep year-round. Continue reading “List: These horror movies will keep you up at night”

Today on the Interwebs: “Reclaiming Trauma Through Running”

In June, I ran my first marathon. If you are a regular reader, you will remember that my training was somewhat touch-and-go, which is pretty much par for the course for me. The race was hard, obviously, because running 26 miles is hard.

It held some additional meaning for me, though, because this summer was also the tenth anniversary of my sexual assault. Thanks to support from my family and very close friends (and an excellent therapist), I worked up the courage to write an essay about the experience. Eventually, I pitched it to Trail Runner magazine, where I worked with a very compassionate editor to make this piece what it is, and I am proud and also terrified to share it with the world at large.  Continue reading “Today on the Interwebs: “Reclaiming Trauma Through Running””