On housekeeping, and other things I do not do

I’ve never been what you’d call “domestic.”

In my early twenties, I’d sigh loudly and roll my eyes about having to take out the trash or do the dishes.

“I guess I have to do everything myself around here,” I’d mutter under my breath. I lived alone. Continue reading “On housekeeping, and other things I do not do”


The Weekend Warrior Blues

We didn’t get into anything Super Duper Epic, because sometimes—even when you’re a Weekend Warrior—life gets in the way. We don’t have the time (or energy, in my case) to tackle first ascents or explore uncharted wilderness every weekend, but that doesn’t always preclude you from having a hell of a good time.

This week, after nearly five years, the spacecraft Juno began its orbit of Jupiter, a mind-boggling 1.74 billion miles from its origin. As Juno embarked on its scientific mission in the Final Frontier, I lamented my own station here on Planet Earth, where, thanks to Bix’s on-call status, I was relegated to Cell Service. Continue reading “The Weekend Warrior Blues”