Ladies’ night out

Spoiler alert: we don’t just talk about ill-fitting gear and the challenges of peeing outside. There are plenty of gross jokes. Our conversations would definitely pass the Bechdel test.

This year, I got a head start on the answer to my perennial springtime question: How am I going to take advantage of the extra day off for Memorial Day weekend? I started considering my options in the midst of ski season. Continue reading “Ladies’ night out”


Read These Books: A Rainy Season Reprieve

At long last, the dreaded shoulder season is upon us. It is too wet to climb outside, too muddy to risk tearing up the singletrack, and, worst of all, not yet snowy enough to ski. In a few short weeks, Anchorage will be cross-country skiing to work and spending its weekends earning turns, but in the meantime, I am consigned to my two least favorite forms of exercise.

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