The best road trip music, hands down

I am married to a music snob. This is fine with me, because, if I’m being honest, I don’t care all that much about music.

I have preferences, sure. I have favorite bands and albums (“records,” my husband calls them) and songs I will listen to over and over and over again if I’m driving alone and there’s no one in the car to slap my hand away from the stereo and say, “Christ, enough already with the Barenaked Ladies!” or whatever. It’s not always the Barenaked Ladies. I was just making a point.  Continue reading “The best road trip music, hands down”

Return to the North: My Alaskan Odyssey, Part 3.

A slamming car door jolts me from sleep. Light is flooding in the windows, despite my meticulous arrangement of towels and sweatshirts in an effort to keep it out. A few hours ago, I could hardly keep my eyes open; now I can hardly wait to get on the road.

“Good morning,” a groggy Bix greets me. “Aren’t you glad I arranged our stay at the luxurious Hotel Subaru for our anniversary?”

Continue reading “Return to the North: My Alaskan Odyssey, Part 3.”