A toast to the Aloha Life

This week, I’m getting ready to go on vacation. I have a lot of things to do: work to finish, emails to send, and, of course, packing, which I obviously haven’t started yet. (My philosophy: if I only leave myself an hour to pack, packing will only take me an hour!)

Anyway, in all the excitement (stress), I neglected to post a blog this week. But I’m saved! Turns out some work I already did is now out there in the universe, so in lieu of my usual navel-gazing, allow me to present you with a story about what happened last time I went on vacation and didn’t check my email for ten days. Continue reading “A toast to the Aloha Life”

Today, I’m going on vacation

Today, I’m going on vacation. I’ve been having anxiety dreams for a month. Not about the trip—there will be umbrella drinks on beaches—but about the what’s-going-on-while-I’m-gone. This is an ongoing problem for me. Continue reading “Today, I’m going on vacation”