List: Make your next date around a campfire

A few weeks ago, a friend told me she was planning to go camping with her new partner and their friends for the first time.

“I’m a little nervous,” she admitted. 

I thought back to my own dating history, which consists largely of my exchanging flirtatious jabs with bearded men around campfires. (One kicked things off by pretending to blame his farts on me. Before you judge him too harshly, I should admit that I am now married to him.)

“It’s a big step,” I agreed. But it’s an important one. Campfire dates are great because:

10. Everyone knows what “Netflix and chill” means now, anyway

9. Ability to start a fire is irresistible (thanks, evolution!)

8. You wouldn’t believe what it costs to see a movie in theaters these days

7. Chance to impress everyone with very involved cast-iron dutch oven cooking (alternative: roasting sausages on sticks you gathered because you forgot skewers also works)

6. S’mores

5. Related: Possibility of flirty “Oh, you’ve got some s’more on your face”

4. Campfire etiquette dictates that even your lame jokes will be met with raucous laughter

3. Generally too dark to tell if you have anything in your teeth

2. Doesn’t matter what you wear because you’ll need a jacket by the end of the night

1. Smoky campfire lighting looks good on everyone

Take it from someone who ended up married to the best fire-starter around, despite his poor hygiene (farts. I mean farts) and penchant for bad puns: you cannot go wrong with the Campfire Date. Backyard bonfires and indoor wood-burning stoves will do in a pinch. Go forth and roast marshmallows.

(Side note: My friend’s weekend was a success because see all of the above.)



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