Turkey terror

Generally speaking, I don’t much care for birds. I can tolerate little finches and sparrows; anything bigger than that makes me nervous. (Hummingbirds, too—they move so fast and have no sense of personal boundaries.) I’m especially nervous around fowl, including chickens and geese, but most of all, I am terrified of turkeys. Continue reading “Turkey terror”


List: These horror movies will keep you up at night

I love scary movies. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to things like climbing and skiing: I get a rush from those edge-of-your-seat moments, that split second after you’ve passed the point of no return and before you know what the outcome will be. It’s why I eagerly await the Dirtbag Diaries’ annual “Tales of Terror” episode, why I can’t resist true crime documentaries and podcasts, why I insist we watch Scream every Halloween even though poor Bix spends most of those 90 minutes under a blanket, covering his ears.

The fun doesn’t end after October 31. These movie ideas have me losing sleep year-round. Continue reading “List: These horror movies will keep you up at night”

List: Fun facts about the elk rut

Fall is not my favorite season. It’s not that I don’t think the leaves are pretty as they slowly die, or that I’m not ready wear my favorite sweaters. It’s not even that I miss summer, although I do dread the insidious Pumpkin Spice Everything. (I like pumpkins but there’s such a thing as overkill.) It’s mostly just that it rains a lot more in the fall, rendering local trails impassable for a few weeks, and I’m excited for it to be winter already.

You know who loves fall, though? Elk. They love it. These guys are seriously, literally, horny for fall.  Continue reading “List: Fun facts about the elk rut”

Sugar and (pumpkin) spice, and other things I’m not made of

I like fall. It’s a fine season: it’s not so damn hot anymore, plus everything looks better in autumnal gold. I’m not such a big fan of pumpkin spice, but I’ll admit to increased root vegetable consumption, I have a few sweaters in the back of my closet I’ve been missing since March, and I eagerly welcome the advent of Stew Season. Continue reading “Sugar and (pumpkin) spice, and other things I’m not made of”